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How to shave white pussies

So glad you could join me today.  I would like to share with you a helpful, step-by-step guide to shaving your very own white pussy that I have compiled based upon my own experience recently in doing exactly that.  Shaving white pussy, that is.   In case you missed that part.

  1. Step one is to down you some strong prescription pain killers.  No booze, you want to make sure your blood doesn't thin.  In fact, thicken it a bit by making a butter & syrup smoothie.  Mmmmmm, GOOD!
  2. 2nd step, make your cat sluggish by giving it some of the smoothie.  Begin the shaving process.
  3. Step three endure the torment of a thousand molten spears raping your flesh in the blazing caverns of the netherworld.
  4. That's all there is to shaving white pussy.  Now go out and shear that pussy good!
Shave that white pussy