Adventures with Beards

Horrible content made by an awful man for terrible people

Is it okay to announce expanded content for a game that hasn't even started getting made by anyone yet


I assert that it is

I am going to add expanded content that includes:

A pet capturing, training, and battling feature called "Amnimalmon"

Yes that is how it will be spelled

You can search the countryside for wild pets and capture them, train them with skills, have them level up, and battle other pets.  It is nothing like anything you've ever seen before.

We're also going to add an "Internet" to the game.  Through the game, which is web based, you can now have your player character "browse the internet" in the game.  See, we heard you liked browsing the internet.  So we wanted to find a way to let your character let you let your character let us let them let you browse the internet.   While you browse the internet.

Through this "internet" your character  can now communicate with other "internet users" and send messages and also visit "websites."

This is an amazing feature that no website, or web-based game offers any user in history.

Too bad no such technology exists yet, right?