A Word from the Site Creator, William:
Quick Dating Solutions is a unique approach to Online Dating because of several things. First off, it you don't have to create a profile to find a match. That way you don't get stalked, and you don't have to be embarassed because you made a profile and your co workers all saw it and now they're making fun of you and you want to cry but can't because you're a man, or maybe you're not. It provides some very real, honest people who have already reached the depths of desperation or sociopathy necessary to make an online profile. And if you so choose, you can be among these brave few by providing a profile and a picture to the site creator via contact@adventureswitheards.com! It relies on a very complicated computery type algorithm or whatever to make a match that you'll really wanna bang the hell out of, while on the surface it presents a very simple, user friendly interface so you don't have to click a lot. It's also honest. A lot of dating websites don't encourage or reward honesty. This one does. Probably. But don't take my word for it, check out some unsolicited testimonials from our user base below!

I think my favorite part about the site is how it totally ignores whatever I specify about myself or what I'm looking for and just presents me with seemingly random results. This is exactly the kind of brilliant match-making that online dating needs.
- An intelligent and emotionally balanced person

Best free dating service ever! And it's about time, because I am totally unwilling to pay for anything ever, especially when it comes to compensating site owners and programmers for the amount of time and expense it takes to build, maintain, and moderate an ever-growing website.
- A guy who really likes complaining about the quality of Free Dating Sites

This site pleases Xgthr-Yrtep. I am certain I will find a vessel willing to accept my seed, so that one day my progeny and I will sweep across the face of your pitiful world and re-make it in the image of chaos.
- Xgther-Yrtep, an old god who cares about your emotional needs

I was apprehensive about using this site to begin with. But so far, I've met a lot of partially used cans of paint, which is what I'm into.
- Some total weirdo

Well, no one's murdered me yet. Thanks, Quick Dating Solutions!
- A woman of considerably low standards

Will, quit fucking around on the internet and clean the house.
- my roommate Katy

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