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September 17th, 2016 by adventurer

Discarded Titles for Movies and Shows: Oh What Might Have Been #1


Sometimes AWB brings you lists of easily digested trivia facts to help you win eternal glory at pub trivia, and bathe in the tears in the beers of your opponent’s shame. Now is one of those sometimes. When creative panels are picking out names for things that you watch they actually come up with a lot of names, and pick the ones they think are the best, but they never are. Well I’ve been hiding under the tables and on the ceiling of their board rooms where they have their meetings for a long time to steal their notes so I could bring you a list of these titles and you can see just how badly they fucked up and dream of a different world. I have a lot so I’m gonna do multiple lists over time so you don’t freak out so much HERE WE GO



Stabby McStabface

Jennifer Carpenter Cursing A Lot

Alternative Uses for Plastic Drop Cloths

Star Wars

Space Fight

Pew Pew Lasers in Space

Frank Herbert’s Dune: His “Original Vision”

Fight Club

How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Punch Buddies

Brad Pitt’s Abs Tho


Oh No Big Shark Does A Scare

Deep Sea Fishing: What Not to Do

Yacht Rock Gone Wrong

Fast and the Furious

Sir You Are Driving Fast and Angry

You Are Probably Gonna Get A Ticket

Hope You Are Wearing a Seat Belt

2 Fast 2 Furious

Why Are You Still Going So Fast

Well At Least You Are Using Your Blinker

Sir Calm Down Already You Are Clearly Upset And Shouldn’t Drive


Mean Robot Dude

Why I Never Update Windows And You Shouldn’t Either

When Roombas Attack

The Hunger Games

Rumbly Tumbly Sports

A Typical High School Experience

America 2026

Lord of the Rings

Evil Bling Quest

Sean Bean Checks “Killed By Orcs” Off of Screen Death Bucket List

I Knew Elijah Wood Was Short But Something’s Up Y’all

Game of Thrones

Fun with Chairs

Spoiler Alert: The Series

Keep Watching You Miserable Masochistic Suckers




Claire Danes You Are Not Helping Me Overcome My Unhealthy Attraction to Crazy Ladies

Penny Dreadful

Bad Coin

Dorian Gray Gettin’ It

Damn Dorian You Kinda Slutty

Mad Men

Anger Guys

How to Reap the Benefits of Cocktails and Power Naps

Peggy You Are Gettin’ Too Uppity Gonna Have to Take You Down A Peg Ha Ha See What I Did There

The Passion of the Christ

God, You’re Kind of a Bad Dad

Look What Happened to This Guy Because You Touch Yourself

Jesus Feels

Sex and the City



Something Something Cosmo I’ve Never Seen the Show To Be Honest, Sorry